Have you been struggling with dedicating time to yourself? Our schedule can fill up quickly, that’s why our classes range from 45-60 minutes to get you in and out of the gym. We believe that you deserve time to yourself, so that you can make yourself a priority. Our group fitness classes are full of everyday people with similar goals that started right where your are!


You have the option to choose between Sworn Sweat and CrossFit.


Sworn Sweat is a 45-minute group class that is bootcamp style. You will see a cardio focus, in addition to bodyweight movements and the use of kettlebells and dumbbells. This class is great for those looking to add movement to their daily routine. 


CrossFit classes are 60-minute group classes that will include a variety of movements such as cardio, bodyweight, and gymnastics in addition to the use of barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. This class is great for those looking to increase strength and cardio into their daily routine. 


In each class we prioritize your safety through proper technique and tailoring movements to ensure correct mechanics.


Become the best version of yourself, while being surrounded by likeminded people. We all started where you are, and we all deserve to make ourselves a priority.

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