COAch spotlight



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • CrossFit Running

I have been practicing CrossFit for five years now. I started both to better myself and hold myself accountable for what I did with and put into my body. CrossFit is by no means my first step into an active lifestyle; I’ve played basketball and baseball through High School not to mention winning the Mooresville Little League Championship in the 4th grade :) I’m also an avid runner, I run multiple 5k’s every week and hope to compete in 26 races this year. 

Sworn has the community I desire in a gym, I’ve seen from day one that everyone is rooting for your victories no matter how big or small. I decided to become a trainer not only because of my love for CrossFit, but because I love seeing people improve and push themselves to new heights. I love what I do as a trainer because I get to see my athletes use the skills they learn in our gym to succeed both at CrossFit and in life.


I’m currently working on being certified in the CrossFit Scaling and CrossFit Anatomy courses to continue to further my development and knowledge.

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